School of Life

What Our Children Should Learn at School But Don't!

“I wish they taught this stuff at school!” – I've heard this so many times from other parents and felt the frustration myself, parenting my own children. I want my children to learn so much more than academic skills. You may too. These workshops provide essential skills which I believe serve as the foundations to build upon for academic success. When children have a healthy sense of self, understand how to deal with emotions, manage those emotions in a healthy way, and evolve their mind set, then they can truly master their purpose. There are three main outcomes that can be achieved when working with children in this way:

1. Greater self-awareness, leading to inner happiness

2. Understanding behaviour of others and managing positive relationships, leading to key to success in all areas

3. Having aspirations, leading to motivation and success in life

Of course, as a passionate teacher, my services would not be complete if I did not include well-being programmes for your pupils. In my view, it is so important to pay heed to the adults and work on the people that have the greatest influence first. When the well-being of staff is intact, the transmission of positive energy and good vibes upon the children they teach, is evident! 

The programmes that are offered through The Every Child Cares Project are unique and aim to encourage learning that is ordinarily not common place … although I wish it was.