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School Based Well-Being Retreat

There is Another Way Head Teacher Conference

There is Another Way Head Teacher Conference


Take your teaching staff through a journey of personal development which deepens self-discovery, leading to ownership of well-being. 

The range of topics include:

-Power of thought 

-How to switch off

-Developing resilience & building positive relationships 

-Managing stress & combating anxiety 

-How food affects your mood 


-Well-being Toolkit 

By the end of the session each member will have a framework for their own well-being and a toolkit to takeaway and add to. 

The day includes a nutritious buffet lunch which reflects the session and showcases the diet of a teacher to sustain energy and vitality for the important work we do. 

This retreat is led by Health, Mind set & Well-being Coaches, who are industry experts, each with over 20 years of previous experience within HR and Education.


Contact for further details: Suneta Bagri - or Lorraine Checklin - 

There is Another Way Head Teacher Conference

There is Another Way Head Teacher Conference

There is Another Way Head Teacher Conference


Although many live events have been cancelled due to COVID19, the 'There is Another Way Head Teacher Conference' (3rd July 2020) is still scheduled to go ahead -  We will keep you updated in relation to any changes.

Brought to you by Every Teacher Matters and the TeachWell Alliance and led by Jeremy Hannay: Head teacher of Three Bridges Primary School, Southall, West London . 


Share good practice in staff well-being and mental health with other head teachers in both the primary and secondary sectors. Hear from keynote speakers who are committed to take another way - a different path - to success. Collaborate with colleagues to agree a set of principles to underpin the There is Another Way movement.

Take action together to oppose the Ofsted inspection regime and put heart, humanity and creativity back into our schools. Agree a structure and timeline for action for the academic year 2020-2021, including encouraging other school leaders to join the community.

Build your own personal or whole-school action plan.

Experience first-rate hospitality from Make UK, our conference venue.

 Only 40 spaces available at £40 per head. 10 for ex-primary head teachers, 10 for serving primary head teachers, 10 for ex-secondary head teachers, and 10 for serving secondary head teachers. 

For more information: CONFERENCE

TeachWell Toolkit

TeachWell Toolkit

TeachWell Toolkit


I am an Associate Consultant for Teach Well Alliance and work with schools to introduce the staff well-being and mental health programme - the Teach Well Toolkit – I help schools to implement a culture of staff well-being and mental health.. The programme involves all staff within the school, teachers, support staff, admin staff, technical staff, and site staff. The first step is to find out what your team think about staff well-being and mental health.

From that point I can work with your school leaders or well-being lead to identify the areas which have been identified as requiring more support. This can easily be used within the school’s development plan and milestones reviewed in line with all of the schools priorities. 

Are your...

Teachers struggling to cope?
Staff frequently absent?
Scarce resources being spent on supply teachers?
Retention figures declining?
Vacancies difficult to fill?If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, the Teach Well Toolkit is your solution.

The only programme to focus exclusively on developing a culture of staff wellbeing and mental health.

You asked, 'How do we implement whole-school staff wellbeing?'

We listened. And produced the answer: the Teach Well Toolkit.

Go Vox

TeachWell Toolkit

TeachWell Toolkit


I work as a Mental Health Ambassador for Go Vox. As a head teacher, I would have loved to have benefited from this product. I am passionate about staff well-being and made time to get to know my staff, but that wasn't easy!  Even with the best intentions, the hours within the school day and the ever increasing demands of the timetable made it very difficult to have conversations that mattered and enabled me to truly know what the staff were feeling. 

I love the efficiency of Go Vox! 

Through a simple 8-10 questions as a head teacher (from the comfort of your home) you are able to elicit exactly who requires support and in which area. At the same time you gain a happiness factor (scale range up to 20) for each member of staff. 

The innovative dashboard shows any red flags identified as a result of the survey. These red flags would be unarguably a great place to start in addressing any issues identified. These issues can be rectified with a chat over a cup of coffee, delegated to your well-being lead, and if necessary may be referred to a specialist such as myself to provide additional support.

Take a look at the website GOVOX and make contact with me to discuss how this simple yet incredibly powerful and informative tool can be rolled out in your school –

Sounds fab right? Watch the short video below to find out more!


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Information about specific workshops for Schools & Academies

Information about specific workshops for Schools & Academies


Information about specific workshops for Schools & Academies

Information about specific workshops for Schools & Academies

Information about specific workshops for Schools & Academies


Cost Cards for Services

Information about specific workshops for Schools & Academies

Cost Cards for Services