Bespoke Coaching for Teachers, Leaders and Educators

Coaching is for anyone looking to change or improve their practice as a teacher or generally feel happier in life.   You may be a new teacher, a senior leader, or somewhere in between.  It really doesn't matter. Coaching sessions are bespoke.  The sessions empower you to be the best version of yourself, so that you can do the important job of educating the future generation.  Leveraging my experience of teaching and leading in schools which ranged from Outstanding to inadequate, I am highly skilled in raising standards within the quality of teaching and learning and will understand the context you are working within. My coaching methods focus on you as a whole person.  Working with you and your mental well-being first, to ensure you are in the best position to give your best to the children that you teach and the people that you lead.  Simply knowing that someone is there specifically to help goal achievement is an important part of ensuring progress for you.


Contact me for a free discovery session: contact@sunetabagri

"I am so pleased that my personal champion is going on to become a champion for so many others!" Miss Bishop - Teacher,Birmingham School

"At a time when I had lost all hope and faith, the coaching made such a big difference that I cannot put into words.  I don't know where I would be without it.  Thank you so much!"                                                   S. MacDonald - Reception Teacher

"Leadership is something I always wanted to do - I just didn't think I could do it. Coaching gave me the confidence I needed and helped me to believe in myself." HVraitch - Senior Leader - Birmingham

"I have never experienced anything like that before, after the second session I just felt so "free" - I cannot wait to see you next week and tell you all about it!" S.Harris AHT - Birmingham

"I didn't know I needed Coaching until I had Coaching!" R.Nelson - Teacher, Birmingham School

The Every Teacher Matters Network

Every Teacher Matters Network Event is the first network of its kind for teachers and senior leaders in education. The network will help a community of like-minded professionals from across the region to make well-being their priority, learn, share, and belong through bespoke coaching, supportive networking and on-going networking events.  The launch event included Keynote speakers , Steve Waters from the Teach Well Alliance, who believes that the only way to tackle the teacher retention crisis is to implement a culture of whole-school teacher well-being and mental health.   Anna Bateman was another key note speaker, who is an ambassador of mental health and well-being, and a member of the advisory group for the Department of Education, advising them on their mental health green paper.

I am on a mission to help teachers, educators and senior leaders in education to lead fulfilling lives and encourage a positive mindset. The every Teacher Matters Network is a way to support well-being and empower Teachers.  I want to provide frustrated teaching staff with the tools to take responsibility for their well-being through coaching, learning and supportive teacher networks.  

Cultivate Coaching was the winner of the Start-up Category at the Woman Who Solopreneur Awards 2019.

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Every Teacher Matters Launch Event

Coming soon! Check out this great video

The Every Teacher Matters Well-being Workshops

Well-being Workshops form an essential part of Teacher training and continuing professional development.  The personal development that takes place in these workshops is vital to building confidence, resilience and stamina for the role.  

My workshops provide teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to become more self aware, avoid overwhelm and burnout. When teachers look after themselves and invest in both their personal and professional development, then they are happier and can be truly effective in the classroom.

The Popular One Hour Introduction To Well-Being Workshop

Provides an overview of teacher well-being and includes: 

- What causes teacher burnout?
- Understanding and responding to  change
- How to stress less

- Time management and efficiency

Other Workshops;

  • Avoiding Burnout And Responding To Change With Greater Self Awareness 

  • Managing Anxiety & Combatting Stress
  • Time Management & Life/Work Balance
  • Effective Communication And Building Positive Relationships

  • The Healthy Teacher - How food affects your mood

  • The Mindful Teacher - How Meditation, Mindfulness and Spirituality Can Support Emotional Well-Being

Get in touch if you would like further information or to book one or a series of workshops from my workshop menu. Most workshops are 1.5 hours long, but they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. In addition to the workshops outlined above I am also able to create bespoke workshops to individually meet the training and development requirements of your team.


Why do Teachers need Coaching?

Teachers are intelligent, high performing individuals who multi-task.  However, teachers are also especially prone to improper work-life balance, stress, negativity, and an over-whelming schedule.  These things put teachers on a crazy cycle of fire-fighting to survive.  I know because I was there.  I've been a teacher and a leader, fighting that same battle.  Coaching helped me to move forward in the direction towards my personal and professional goals.  

Coaching is an opportunity to work through all those things issues and challenges that hold us back from having the best life possible. It is a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them not their path as they continue to make important choices. 

It absolutely is possible to not only survive as a teacher but to thrive.  Coaching is the way to find equilibrium and restore your faith in yourself and the profession again. 


Packages & Menu of Services

Additional Information


30 minute discovery phonecall -


Personal Discovery session (values, goals) -

Breakthrough Coaching programme x 6 sessions 

Wellbeing Workshops

The 1 hour Well-being workshop -


Contact me for quotes for all other enquiries about training for 

  • Well-being Workshops -

         (approx 2 hours)

  • One day's full school-based training 


*Free* Self care for teachers - download here