Every Child Cares Project

The Every Child Cares Project aims to instil a caring and compassionate disposition into pupils.

I work as an Associate Consultant for the Teach Well Alliance and deliver student well-being ambassador training. The role of Student Well-being Ambassadors is to work in partnership with your teachers and support staff to look after and promote the well-being of your pupils. In Primary schools, they are usually Year 5 pupils; in Secondary schools, Year 10 and/or Year 12, if your school has a Sixth Form.

Student Well-being Ambassadors are selected for their leadership qualities and their ability to understand and empathise with their peers. They are trained to know what to say and what to do when someone needs help. Their role is not to solve problems but to bring issues to the attention of your staff and, where appropriate, work alongside them to support your pupils.

The Teach Well Alliance one-day course uses a coaching approach to train your students to be Student Well-being Ambassadors. We have a tried and trusted structure that we also use when training students to help younger students with their reading. Every school is unique and we are able to adapt our structure to include strategies that your school would like to incorporate into your students' role.

I can also offer bespoke training and workshops for pupils' around growth mindset and effective communication. Get in touch to find out more... contact@sunetabagri.com