Coaching for Kids

Wellness Coaching Programmes for Children

As a well-being coach I offer all workshops as coaching programmes for individual children to improve their overall sense of wellness, working in schools or at the request of parents (either in home or school setting). The topics I coach include:

· Emotional Mastery – understanding mental health

· Finding inner confidence and communicating with impact

· Using Emotional Intelligence to have good relationships with EVERYONE! 

· Goals and Aspirations

These would be undertaken in blocks of three 45 minute sessions.


Junior Coaching

Leadership Edge Coaching in Schools

For schools that are committed to a coaching culture, this would be the natural progression for your pupils. Developing a coaching culture which is woven into the fabric of your school, starting with the children and all the way to the top. 

Eastfields Academy have a winning story to share, in which even their parents are beginning to receive coaching. You can find out more here: or contact me for further information or to book: