Well-Being Coaching

Every Teacher Matters - Breakthrough Coaching programme:

My break through Coaching programme is aimed at teachers who may be overcoming a personal challenge or set back in their lives, which may be keeping them ‘stuck’ in overwhelm. Mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress can cause teachers to underperform and have continuous or sustained absences from work. The impact of this can be devastating for both the individual and the school. 

These sessions can be delivered 1:1 in person if possible or via Facetime or Zoom

By nature, teachers are intelligent, high performing individuals who multi-task. However, teachers are also especially prone to improper work-life balance, stress, negativity, and an over-whelming schedule. These things put teachers on a crazy cycle of fire-fighting to survive. I know because I was there. I've been a teacher and a leader, fighting that same battle. Coaching helped me to move forward in the direction towards my personal and professional goals. 

Coaching is an opportunity to work through all those issues and challenges that hold us back from having the best life possible. It’s a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on their path as they continue to make important choices. 

Coaching sessions with me result in 3 main outcomes:

1) A greater sense of self–awareness, leading to clarity

2) A true sense of purpose, leading to direction

3) A sense of achievement, leading to fulfilment


Bereavement Counselling

As a qualified bereavement counsellor, I work 1:1 with your staff members on-site to provide the support they need.  The impact of bereavement can be debilitating. I provide support to all members of staff, so that they know how to support and approach the topic of bereavement in a supportive and sensitive way for coll

Leadership Edge – Coaching In Schools

Coaching in Schools

At Leadership Edge, I join a highly skilled and experienced team of senior leaders and coaches, where we believe it’s time for a new model of coaching in schools, one that values both people and results. 

Our school workforce want their work to have purpose and meaning; to be partnered in their on-going learning with leaders who provide a confidential thinking space for them to reflect and be truly listened to, who give them a voice, develop their strengths and support them in creating their own solutions to challenges. 

Welcome to Leadership Edge! 

Leadership Edge provides schools with a 3-tier Accreditation Programme designed specifically for schools that enables empowerment and transformation. 

Leadership Edge firmly believe that coaching is a deeply empowering pedagogy, which can benefit school leaders, staff and students alike, a significant shift away from a top down, command and control direction, which is long overdue. 

Our approach is designed to create a cascade effect which will benefit the whole school. 

Our 3-tier accreditation system is based on what teachers and educators identify as the competences that they look for in a school-based coach. 

At Leadership Edge we endeavour to work in the non-directive range of the coaching spectrum, recognising that at times, the wider range of the coaching spectrum best serves the needs of our coachees. 


Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss the Leadership Edge 3-tier Accreditation Programme. 

Visit our website for more information and resources, and to read testimonials from teaching staff and leaders. 

Start with our FREE 5-minute online Assess Quiz and receive an individual report upon completion: assess.coach/leadershipedge  


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DISC Personality Profiling

Introducing DISC

DISC is an amazing, powerful, and simple tool, which enables anyone to easily identify and adapt to different personality styles.

DISC teaches there are no good or bad, right or wrong style, and our own particular blend of styles is what creates our unique personality

When you apply your knowledge of DISC to everyday situations, you are able to more effectively manage those around you in a positive and productive way, ensuring you and everyone you work with, can grow. 

DISC profiling is an empowering way of developing solid teams, respecting differences and appreciating that when we understand the uniqueness of ourselves and others, we have the knowledge to communicate in a meaningful way.


Benefits of DISC profiling:

"DISC is a must for teacher recruitment."

DISC profiling enables school leaders to find out about the various personality traits of an individual. It can help find out the ways in which an individual would react to new challenges or how he or she is likely to behave in a team situation.

As part of the recruitment process, not only does DISC profile help head teachers and governors, but the feedback also helps candidates to integrate within the team more effectively, for they can find out the match between their areas of strength and areas of development.

Harmonious working relationships

One of the biggest advantages with DISC profile is that it gives specific insights into an individual’s interpersonal communication abilities. What this in turn means is that using DISC we can find out how two personalities will interact with each other.

DISC profiles can help identify any potential problem areas and also suggest different types of approaches that can help build better working relationships within your school organisation.

Team building potential

It is always amazing to see how people having different personality traits come together and work as a team in an organisation. The personality dynamics that are at work in such teams can be measured and interpreted using DISC. This enables finding out any communication gaps existing in the team, which can be then built upon.

It is always amazing to see how people having different personality traits come together and work as a team in a school organisation. 

The tool can also be used to find out what is the kind of leadership that is preferred by a group.

Empowers leaders

Leaders are known for their ability to foresee and create a dynamic environment that enables change. DISC provides a framework for school leaders which will help them find out how best they can fine tune their interpersonal relationship with different team members and contribute to further fine tuning the working environment in order to improve overall productivity in the school.

DISC profiling also helps those employees who aspire to move into a position of leadership, by enabling to point out the areas where they need to add in terms of leadership traits.