Every Teacher Matters Coaching

What is the Every Teacher Matters Project?

I founded the every teacher matters project (ETM) in response to keeping teachers happy, mentally well, and motivated to remain in the teaching profession. Teachers who are mentally healthy, resilient, and committed to self-care, in turn, inspire their pupils and colleagues. When teachers understand that maintaining a positive lifestyle increases productivity and performance, boosts morale and motivation for the job they can experience real changes to their work/life balance.

Currently, I work with teachers who approach me in a confidential manner as well as working within schools to deliver these sessions with head teachers who want to support the well-being of their staff and see this approach as a preventative measure.

The Every Teacher Matters Project consists of:

· Bespoke coaching break-through package, which assists teachers to manage overwhelm, so that work/life balance is achieved. 

· Personal development for teachers.

· The Every Teacher Matters Network.

Bespoke Coaching

My break through coaching programme is aimed at teachers who may be overcoming a personal challenge or set back in their lives, which may be keeping them ‘stuck’ in overwhelm. Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress can cause teachers to under perform and lead to continuous or sustained absences from work. The impact of this can be devastating for both the individual and the school. 

These sessions can be delivered 1:1 in person if possible or via Facetime or Zoom.

By nature, teachers are intelligent, high performing individuals who multi-task. However, teachers are also especially prone to improper work/life balance, stress, negativity, and an overwhelming schedule. These things put teachers on a crazy cycle of fire-fighting to survive. I know because I was there. I've been a teacher and a leader, fighting that same battle. Coaching helped me to move forward in the right direction toward my personal and professional goals. 

Coaching is an opportunity to work through all those issues and challenges that hold us back from having the best life possible. It’s a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on their path as they continue to make important choices. 

Coaching sessions with me result in 3 main outcomes:

1) A greater sense of self–awareness, leading to clarity

2) A true sense of purpose, leading to direction

3) A sense of achievement, leading to fulfilment