About Suneta

Master Coach and Leadership Solutions Provider

I've been in education for the past 20 years, as a Teacher, Senior Leader and as a Head Teacher. More recently, I trained as a Coach due to the interest I've always had in personal development, mindset and well-being.

The Start of the Every Teacher Matters Project

I'm passionate about education and the value teachers add to society. Education makes a difference because teachers make a difference, often at a cost to their own well-being. Teachers need to be mentally and physically well and they need to be happy. I believe as a profession we need to do more than just look at reducing work-load.  

Nearly half our teachers are predicted to leave the profession in five years time, and because of this statistic, I felt compelled to do something about it, and so the Every Teacher Matters project was born.

A dedication to improving the mental health and well-being of teachers

My practice of improving confidence and enjoyment within the education profession, contributes to the wider policy of improving teacher retention rates, as we face the crisis of teachers leaving the profession. Every child needs an excellent teacher and I feel an immense duty of care towards teachers and their well-being. 

When teachers look after themselves, achieve work-life balance and take care of their own needs, then they can be truly effective in the classroom.  

Through my Cultivate Training programme, I help teachers to be the best they can be so that the personal growth and development they receive, in turn, impacts positively upon the children they teach.